Phillip Boksz
Phillip Boksz
ruby on rails | mysql | rspec | haml | jquery | sass | circle ci | amazon aws
This is a site for a contruction company in Berlin, Germany. The client wanted to make a platform for people to connect people needing work done, to people doing work. This platform has functionality to have vendor set up an availability calendar and a lot of other information to narrow down a client's search for the ideal person. Other things to note would be javascript based image uploading, lead generation forms, address autocomplete using third party geolocation services, and a full range of Amazon AWS usage.
Diamond Clinic
ruby on rails | coffeescript | mongodb | rspec | haml | jquery | sass | unicorn | travis ci | heroku
This is a site for a private medical clinic in Kraków, Poland. The client needed a site to put up information about their doctors on staff, their current clinical trials, and basic directions and contact information. The site also has a contact form, which emails the staff if someone requests an appoinment. There was a requirement for an admin panel to view all the information collected and easily update the text for each doctor and clinical trial. The website is in both Polish and English.
Wedding Website
ruby on rails | coffeescript | mysql | rspec | haml | jquery | sass | unicorn | travis ci | heroku
This is a site for information about my wedding. It has all the information guests need, as well as a comprehensive list of recommendations for staying in Kraków, Poland. It also has a feature to RSVP, which adds a note to who accepted and rejected the invitation, as well as any private comments they left. The website is in both Polish and English.
Steam Card Tracker
ruby on rails | angularjs | coffeescript | mongodb | rspec | haml | jquery | sass | highcharts | unicorn | travis ci | heroku
This is a site that tracks the prices of Steam trading cards. It parses the html of the page from the community market to get the low price for the day. It uses AngularJS to load all the information and HighCharts to render a nice looking chart of all the min and max low prices for each day.
The Classic Look Salon
ruby on rails | haml | sass | unicorn | travis ci | heroku
This is a site for a nail and hair salon in Verona, New Jersey, USA. The client wanted a simple informational site, with contact information, a map, and basic pricing. I first wrote this in Java, and then rewrote it in Ruby on Rails to make it easier to maintain.
AdminAuth Gem
ruby | rspec | haml | bcrypt | rails
This is a Ruby gem that extracts basic admin authentication for Rails. It is similar to devise, but is only the minimal part that I need for most of my projects. It is very light on configuration, and uses a specific Admin model to store a properly encrypted password and email. It also contains the templates for login, and admin edit, so you can easily add other admins. I use it in both Diamond Clinic, and the Wedding Website.
RecursiveStruct Gem
ruby | rspec
This is a Ruby gem that adds a recursive abstraction to OpenStruct. It uses a similar implementation to OpenStruct that then creates nested RecursiveStruct objects when there is nested hashed attributes, and dynamically creates getter and setter methods based on what methods are called on the RecursiveStruct object.